Travel Guide Bodrum

Named “Turkey’s St. Tropez” by the New York Times back in 2006, Bodrum is perhaps the loveliest locale on Turkey’s Aegean coast. With three upmarket marinas, an abundance of brilliant eateries, a humming nightlife, super extravagance estates, spectacular shops and various secret bayous and sea shores, it’s not really amazing it’s a firm top choice with such countless guests throughout the long term. Despite the fact that it’s become an unequivocally refined objective lately, visited by a portion of Hollywood’s greatest stars, the assorted landmass is adored by most for its languid towns, covered up inlets, pine-and-citrus-clad slopes, and pretty sea shores.
Initially known as Halicarnassus, the capital of the realm of Caria, Bodrum brags an abundance history with ongoing years changing the scene fundamentally. Fortunately modernization has been benevolent Bodrum actually stays the image postcard setting we find in the movement leaflets. The photographs of pretty pink bougainvillea falling down the whitewashed houses and into the ocean truly are well-suited, the Castle of St Peter isolating Bodrum’s two narrows is a staggering display. Bodrum might be where customary sits close to present day, yet the climate and excellence bait you in and leaves even the remorseless needing more.

History of Bodrum

According to Herodotus, born B.C. 484 in Halikarnassus (ancient name for Bodrum), the city was founded by the Dorians. Megarans enlarged the city B.C. 650 and changed its name to Halikarnassus, and then Persians started to rule the city from B.C. 386

A drawing of the mauseloum from the British Museum
Halikarnassus had its glorious days, when it was the capital of the Karia B.C. 353. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum, was built there by Artemisia for the memory of King Mausolos.

After the Roman and Byzantium rule for ages, Ottomans have conqured the city in 1522, during the time of Suleyman, The Magnificent. The city was named “Bodrum” after the Turkish Republic was declared.

Things to do in Bodrum

During the peak season, the beach that stretches between the castle and Halikarnas is very good for swimming; The water is roped off to prevent boats coming in, and the beach and water is cleaned daily by the restaurants and by the city authorities. Sunbeds and beanbags on the beach are free of charge, although the restaurants that own them will bring you menus or offer you drinks every half hour. Another option is to go to the nearby beaches of Gumbet or Bitez: Grab a Taxi or go to the bus station and hop on a Dolmus. These beaches are much more suited for sunbathing and have actual sand (Bodrum’s beach is mostly pebbles, whereas the water at Gumbet & Bitez is very shallow), sunbeds are free of charge and loud music is also there to entertain you. There are several pools with bars that do not charge an entrance fee even if you are not ordering anything. A variety of water sports is offered.
You can also hire a private boat for your own trip around the bay. Make sure all passengers have and wear lifejackets and that there is an emergency oar and kit on board. Taking a mobile phone in a plastic bag is advisable. Try snorkeling (go for good quality glass based goggles and kit available in most shops at around).

How to reach Bodrum

Fastest way to reach Bodrum is by flights serving international Milas Bodrum Airport. Many direct flights are available from major airports in the World between April/May and October/November and less so between mid November and April.

Also there are many airlines that have direct flights to Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya and domestic airlines have regular flights to and from Milas Bodrum Airport.The flight from Istanbul to Bodrum Airport takes about an hour.

Coming from Greek Islands ; There are ferries between operated by ferry companies has daily trips between Rhodes and Bodrum also between Kos Island throughout the summer. The same association also runs a hydrofoil during the summer months everyday.

For those visitors coming to Bodrum by road, the distances from the surrounding towns and cities are as follows:

Dalaman Airport : 203 km
Milas Bodrum Airport : 36 km
İzmir Airport : 223 km
Kusadasi : 154 km
Marmaris : 108 km
Antalya : 425 km